Welcome to the new e-Government Portal

What is New?

  • Improved landing page
  • Better classification of e-Services
  • Quick access to e-Services
  • Easier/Simpler navigation
  • Easier/Simpler e-Service Identification
  • Explanation on specific e-Service
  • Improved user experience

What is the purpose of the Portal?

The purpose of the e-Government Portal is to enable government services online, reduce the cost of accessing those services, streamline administrative processes, improve turnaround times, and strengthen accountability and responsiveness.

Who can use the Portal?

You will need a Username and Password to use the Portal. So, if you have not registered before please click on the link: “Sign Up/Register”. You will need your ID number or Passport number (if you are a foreigner), your mobile number and email address to register. Once you have registered you can use the e-mail address and password you provided to Login and access the e-Services on the Portal.