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Introducing Mzansi Connect. Log any issue to the e-government team and track the issue all the way to resolution. Its the simplified way to communicate with us. Its the easiest and the fastest way to get to the bottom of your issue. To raise an issue, log a ticket by clicking below on the "New Ticket" button

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Before you log a ticket for your issue, please see if it has not been answered on our FAQ section. If it has not been answered, go ahead and log a ticket and we will keep in touch with you via email

  • Knowledge Base

    We welcome all contributors to help us build a public library and knowledge base to make information available to answer the questions that you might have.

  • Tickets

    A central place to manage all your tickets. You will be able to respond or see responses to your tickets and also attach any relevant pictures or documentation. Login required to view your tickets